Relationship Requirements for Empaths

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I Feel Your Feelings, I’m Not Responsible For Them

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Insist on Emotional Honesty or Risk Abuse

“Caging an empath is damaging to say the least. Most such people require a good amount of freedom both individually and in terms of intellect. You should not cage an empath at any time. All they need is space and freedom to do what best- feel deeply! Caging one may just be counterproductive and the damage too deep for a relationship. So be aware and less controlling of an empathetic partner!”

“We have to be conscious of the fact that it’s not our responsibility to change, or heal, or help, or resurrect anyone from their own issues and feelings. We have to trust that no one will change until they want to be changed. When they’re ready for that change to come into their life, then you’ll be there. You’ll be able to show up for them when they’re ready to show up for themselves.”

-Gabby Bernstein There’s A Fine Line Between Supporting And ‘Fixing’

Empaths Aren’t for Everybody

Focus on Your Needs

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“Most of these people are sensitive and beyond a point emotional. They are good at reading body language and get the vibe of a person quite easily. It is important to be truthful with an empath. They do not like lies being told in a relationship and can pick up on your deepest emotional issues even if you fake it. Most hate lies and deception and will not forgive you easily if you are dishonest with them.”

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“Another issue that many people don’t like to approach with empaths and relationships is the empath’s sudden need to be alone. At any random moment, the empath will request time to themselves, or simply walk away.”

“A plethora of misunderstandings can occur when this happens. Maybe you think the empath is rude or doing something dishonest, but this isn’t true. The empath just needs time to recharge.”




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